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  • 24/02/09New Offer: Adam's 10% off
    Adam's (Adam from lemonade) now has an offer on Keep It Kosher.
    It's 10% Off - available on eat-in and take away orders from 2pm until 6pm with a minimum spend of £5.50.

    Be sure to check out this offer and others like it and start using your discounts straight away!
  • 24/02/09New Offer: Eighty-Six Bistro Bar
    Eighty-Six Bistro Bar is the latest restaurant to add a great offer on Keep It Kosher. It's a take-away meal deal comprising of a Burger, Fries and Soft Drink for only £7.99. Terms and conditions apply. Check it out right away and start enjoying your discount!
  • 24/02/09New Offer: Kyoto Sushi Bar 10% Off
    Kyoto Sushi Bar has a new offer on the site. 10% off anything on take-away or eat-in replaces their old offers. We hope you all enjoy this discount and start using it straight away!
  • 23/02/09Improved Feature: Multiple menus
    It is now easier to navigate your way through restaurant listings that have more than one menu.

    Wherever multiple menus exist (for example, take-away menu, set menu, etc), they will appear in a new tab next to the original menu, making it easier to browse through all the menus that the restaurant has to offer.

    We hope that this helps you to continue enjoy using Keep It Kosher.
  • 23/02/09Menu Added: Adam's (Adam from Lemonade)
    We have added both the eat in menu, and the take away menu.
  • 21/02/09Updated Listing: Adam's is now open!
    On the 21st February Adam opened his restaurant.
  • 19/02/09New Listing: Penashe
    Penashe has been added to Keep It Kosher Directory.
  • 17/02/09New Feature: Live Support
    We have now added Live Support to the website.

    Live Support means that, when it shows as "online", you can chat to an operator using an instant-messaging system.

    This feature can be accessed from various points on the site, including the homepage, the bottom right of every other page, and the "Contact Us" page.
    The website had been experiencing some technical difficulties on Sunday 15th February which may have caused users problems when trying to view listings and print vouchers. These issues have now been fully resolved.

    We offer our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience caused during this period.

    Should you experience any further problems with the site, please let us know by emailing us at We appreciate your understanding in this matter.
  • 12/02/09New Offers: Bloom's 15% off added!
    Bloom's has joined the rush and added a 15% discount to print off for users of our site. Be sure to check it out straight away!
  • 12/02/09New Offers: Ralphy's 15% off added!
    Ralphy's New York Grill is the latest to join the trend and add a great discount to our site. It's 15% off all evening meals (excluding Sunday). Remember, this offer can only be obtained by joining Keep It Kosher and printing off your voucher - both of which are totally free to do.
  • 12/02/09New Offers: Fernandez and Chopstix vouchers added!
    Fernandez Grill Bar and Chopstix have added two new offers each to Keep It Kosher, check them out asap and start using your discounts!
  • 09/02/09New Offers: Beit HaMadras vouchers added!
    Beit HaMadras have added two new offers to Keep It Kosher, check them out asap and start using your discounts!
  • 09/02/09New Listing: The Sandwich Garden
    A new listing has been added to Keep It Kosher by the name of The Sandwich Garden in London's Hatton Garden. Menu to be added soon.
  • 08/02/09New Offers: Francesca vouchers added!
    Francesca have added two new offers to Keep It Kosher, check them out asap and start using your discounts!
  • 03/02/09KIK offers and discount vouchers now launched!
    Keep It Kosher are proud to announce that we are now offering printable discount vouchers, with many exclusive offers only available on our site, as well as our new offer section, featuring all the latest offers in store.

    For you customers, all you have to do is go to the listing with the offer, and choose which offer to view. Some will be shown as printable vouchers, whilst others are regular offers that can be viewed and need no voucher to redeem.

    If you are a business, the first thing that you are probably thinking is... how much will this cost me to put up some offers? Well, it costs NOTHING! Think of it as FREE advertising. We love the word free. Our users love it. We're sure you love it too :)

    Remember, more offers are coming all the time, so be sure to keep checking back to view the latest discounts.
  • 25/01/09New Feature on directory listing details page.
    If a listing has more than one establishment, it will now give you links to the others at the bottom of the listing page with the address and phone number.
  • 23/01/09New Kosher fishmonger, Manny Barnett now open in Edgware!
    We supply a huge range of fresh fish bought daily from market. We can prepare how YOU want. Come in and see us today.
  • 23/01/09Top 5 viewed listings since July 2008
    (1) Don Fernandez
    (2) Beit HaMadras
    (3) Pizaza
    (4) Hendon Bagel Bakery Catering
    (5) Chopstix Noodle Bar
  • 21/01/09Ralphy's menu updated
    Ralphy's New York Grill now has new items on their menu and new prices for most of their dishes. Check our the updated menu today on Keep It Kosher.
  • 19/01/09Mr. Baker now do free pizza deliveries!
    Mr. Baker now offer free pizza delivery to certain areas, including Finchley, Golders Green, Hendon, and others. Call or visit for more details.
  • 11/01/09Beracha changed to Kol Tuv.
  • 03/01/09Bloom's Restaurant in Edgware has closed down
    Edgware's branch of Bloom's has closed down. Bloom's in Golders Green remains open as usual.
  • 03/01/09Don Fernandez is under new management
  • 02/01/09Add your logo to your listing free of charge!
    We are now allowing all listings to have their logo next to their listing on the results page free of charge. Premium listings now get an extra image of their choice that is shown on their listing page.