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  • 01/09/09Menu Added: Let's Meat (Eat-in and Take Away)
    We have added the eat-in and take away menu for Let's Meat.
  • 31/08/09New Listing: Pita (from Golders Green) has opened up on West End Lane!
    Pita has opened up on 339 West End Lane.
  • 31/08/09Updated Listing: Kavanna is closed due to refurbishments
    Kavanna is closed due to refurbishments
  • 14/08/09Updated Menu: The White House takeaway!
    The 'The White House' takeaway menu has been updated.
  • 12/08/09New Offers: Beit Hamadras add an offer and renew another
    Beit Hamadras has put up a new offer - 'A free starter & rice or naan with 2 take away main courses!' and renewed another fantastic offer - '£12.95 Buffet Lunch - Buy one get one free!'. Check them out right here on Keep It Kosher.
  • 10/08/09Coming Soon: White House Express in Golders Green
    White House Express is a new restaurant opening soon on Golders Green Road, replacing what was Entrecote Bar. More information to follow soon...
  • 03/08/09Renewed Offers: Orli, Kyoto and Eighty-Six
    The following offers have been renewed until the end of September:

    Orli Cafe - Buy one pizza to takeaway, get one free!
    Kyoto Sushi Bar - 10% off anything
    Eighty-Six Bistro Bar - Takeaway burger, fries and drink for £7.95

    Please be aware that terms and conditions apply - these can be found on the offers page.

  • 28/07/09Join KIK and OAH for Tisha B'Av!
    Keep It Kosher is organising an event in association with Od Avinu Hai for Tisha B'Av, the saddest day in the Jewish calendar. This is on Thursday 30th July 2009.

    The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas @ 3:00pm
    Defiance @ 4:45pm
    Shiur by Rabbi Abacassis @ 7:15pm
    Mincha followed by Arvit @ 8:15pm
    Fast Terminates @ 9:43pm

    Food & Drink will be available to break your fast!

    This event is free of charge, but donations are welcome. Any money raised will go to Od Avinu Hai.
  • 27/07/09Updated Menu: Beit Hamadras
    Beit Hamadras has added an item to the lunch menu.
  • 15/07/09Updated Listing: Manny Barnett. Now stock fresh and frozen meat products.
    Manny Barnett are pleased to announce that they are now stocking a full range of fresh and frozen meat products supplied by Louis Mann kosher butchers.
  • 03/07/09New Offers: K-Grill 10% OFF!
    We please to announce that Edgware's restaurant, K-Grill, has just addded a voucher with Keep It Kosher. 10% OFF EAT IN AND TAKEAWAY!
  • 01/07/09New Offers: 12 NEW VOUCHERS! 8 from Fernandez, 4 from Chopstix!
    Chopstix and Fernandez are feeling hugely generous and have decided to add 12 - yes, you read right - TWELVE new vouchers on Keep It Kosher. You do not want to miss these, so be sure to check them out right away!
  • 28/06/095th Avenue is open! Check out the menu here!
    5th Avenue, the newest pizza restaurant in Golders Green, has opened - and you can find their menu and information right here on Keep It Kosher. Check it out right away!
  • 25/06/09New layout for listing pages!
    We have changed the layout for each listing page, making it the establishment information more clear.

    Thank you for all your feedback, and please continue giving us suggestions to improve the website. (For example, improving or even creating new features to the website.)
  • 16/06/09New Listing: Kosher Outlet. A non profit business to aid the kosher consumer!
    First of its kind in Europe!
    Kosher Outlet is a non profit business to aid the kosher consumer.
    Only 6-8 min from Golders Green/Hendon.
    This project has the support of the local Rabbonim.
    For more information call 020 8450 0115.
  • 12/06/09New Offers: Beit Hamadras
    Beit Hamadras have given another three offers.

    - £12.95 Buffet Lunch - Buy one get one free!
    - Spend over £25 on a takeaway, get 20% off!
    - A free coke or diet coke with our £3.95 salad box
  • 09/06/09Updated Menu: Sami's Resturant
    Sami's Restaurant now sell spaghetti!
  • 09/06/09Renewed Offer: Adam's 10% Off
    Adam's 10% off voucher has been renewed! Click here to see it and all other current offers.
  • 08/06/09Novellino is under new ownership!
    Joey from Met Su Yan in Golders Green is happy to announce that he is now joint owner of milky restaurant Novellino on Golders Green Road. More information, including new menu and details, to follow shortly...
  • 08/06/09Renewed Offer: Bloom's 15% Off
    We've just renewed Bloom's 15% off voucher until the end of August! Click here to see it and all other current offers.
  • 07/06/09Renewed Offer: Sami's 10% Off
    Sami's has renewed their offer of 10% off your meal. Click here to see this offer and others like it, and start using your Keep It Kosher discount right away!
  • 07/06/09Renewed Offer: Kaifeng 20% Off
    Kaifeng has renewed it's offer of 20% off evening meals. Enjoy this and more with Keep It Kosher!
  • 02/06/09Updated Listing: The Grapevine (Hendon) phone number
  • 01/06/09New feature: "My Establishments" area for owners/managers
    We have come up with a brand new idea, and we're pretty sure it's something that you won't find anywhere else - especially not in the kosher world.

    Owners and managers of kosher establishments can now register on the site as the owner or manager through the "My Area" section of the site and gain access to a heap of features especially created to help encourage interaction between establishments and their customers.

    These features include such things as replying to reviews, updating the listing(s) and adding details that we may have missed.

    If you want to register yourself as an owner or manager of an establishment (or more than one!), sign in, go to "My Area" and click on "My Establishments".
  • 01/06/09New Feature: Vote/Polls
    A new feature has been added to the Keep It Kosher website. Votes and polls will allow us to ask you questions and recieve feedback, enabling us to keep improving the site in ways you want!