About Us

Keep It Kosher is a team that is dedicated to providing the public with current, always up-to-date information on all aspects of Kashrut in the community. Our directory listings offer extensive information on a huge variety of Kosher establishments, including restaurant menus, reviews and more. Our Knowledge Base offers information on a variety of Jewish ideas and festivals, and there are many more features coming soon.

Our Aims

By keeping up-to-date with any changes in the community, as well as offering more information than any other website, including full menus and our exclusive advanced menu search, we hope to become the most comprehensive website of our kind in the UK.

We also believe in expansion wherever possible. Whilst Keep It Kosher is currently only operating in the London area, our aim is to cover the Manchester region very soon, and to follow that by filling in the gaps in the rest of the UK until we have covered the entire country - and after that, who knows?!

Be Part of Keep It Kosher

Whether you want Keep It Kosher to help your business or you want to use it for personal use, there are a number of ways you can be a part of Keep It Kosher:

Business Use & Advertising Space

Not a business? No problem! Why not write us a little something for us to put on the site? It can be anything - from a Dvar Torah to put on our Knowledge Base, to a review of a restaurant - even tell us what you think of the site! Send us a picture of yourself and we'd be happy to upload it along with your name and your article!

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