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The Kitchen
The Kitchen
PLEASE NOTE: All reviews reflect customers' opinions at any particular date. Due to such things as restuarant menu changes, etc., we cannot guarantee that reviews remain relevant for any period of time.

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Review By: Ben from Hendon
Ratings: Food: 3 | Service: 3 | Atmosphere: 4 | Value: 5 | Overall: 75%
Review: I've been here a quite a few times. This time I ordered the 'Israeli Mixed Grill Tribute'. When it arrived I remembered I ordered this before and was not impressed.

This mixed grill consisted of three skewers: grilled chicken breast, grilled lamb and mince kebab. The chicken was quite dry, lamb was tough, and the mince was crumbly. It also comes with a small bit of lettuce, some pickled vegetables and 1 side dish which I chose chips.

They give a good portion and towards the end had to debate whether to have dessert or not! I had to pass.

Something else which really bugged me was they would not give you a jug of water. They fill your cup up, but it seemed only if you kept asking! I had to ask multiple times for water. Even more than usual since my mouth was burning from the chilli sauce (which it's flavour was not so nice). I do love the suffering from chilli!

All in all, yes I would come here again, but will be staying away from the Mixed Grill. Sticking with the The Big Zac burger or the Entrecote Steak.
Review By: Anonymous from Stanmore
Ratings: Food: 5 | Service: 5 | Atmosphere: 5 | Value: 4 | Overall: 95%
Review: We have now been to The Kitchen 3 times and on each occasion the food has been outstanding. We do not ordinarily keep kosher but dishes like the facon burger and the salt beef, wings and the 'chimichuri' beef salad are delicious and stand any comparison. Yes it costs a bit more than our normal non kosher food but it it is well worth it. The restaurant is buzzy, modern and the staff are always friendly and efficient, although we are not over demanding - like some!!
Review By: Jason from Mill Hill
Ratings: Food: 5 | Service: 5 | Atmosphere: 5 | Value: 5 | Overall: 100%
Review: I have just visited the kitchen, and I must say that after reading the reviews, I was a bit worried. We were a party of six and upon seeing the amazing menu (and the extraordinarily cheap prices) I can honestly say that this is a fantastic restaurant, with flare and imagination. Congratulations, I will be returning when ever possible.
P.S. I was sat next to a man who insisted that the waitress goes over the road to Tesco’s to buy him orange juice.
I think he probably wrote most of these reviews !!!
10 out of 10
Review By: David from London
Ratings: Food: 1 | Service: 0 | Atmosphere: 1 | Value: 0 | Overall: 10%
Review: The table was booked for 8.45pm and we were kept waiting for 45 minutes until a table was ready!

I then chose a steak and was told there were no steaks left. I then chose the mixed grill only to be told there were no mixed grills left!

This restaurant makes Fawlty Towers look like a michelin star establishment. I kept expecting for the TV cameras to appear and Jeremy Beadle to pop out.

To be kept waiting for 45 minutes with or without an apology is beyond belief. For any restuarant to run out of food at 9pm is complete madness.

The worst part of all this was that the food was well below par. The lamb chops which were my 3rd choice due to lack of food on the menu were dry and overcooked.

Its a great shame that restaurants are allowed to operate like this but my advice to anyone who is considering going here is very simple. DONT!

Save your money and have a beans on toast at home.
Review By: Louise from Bushey
Ratings: Food: 5 | Service: 4 | Atmosphere: 5 | Value: 4 | Overall: 90%
Review: Having read the reviews I was apprehensive having booked for 13 people for three birthday celebrations. I need not have worried. The atmosphere, the service and the food was GREAT. We had family aging from 15 to 80 and all were impressed with the restaurant. The menu was very cute too. I would definately return to the Kitchen
Review By: Anonymous from London
Ratings: Food: 2 | Service: 0 | Atmosphere: 3 | Value: 2 | Overall: 35%
Review: We have eaten food from this restaurant 3 times over the past 2-3 weeks. The first 2 experiences were good if expensive especially as you have to pay extra for expected side dishes, perhaps expected with an innovative and fresh menu, although it is still a little disappointing.

However, on the most recent visit the customer service was really lacking. The staff seemed to ambivalent that we were there!

We ordered meat dishes and found that there were only scant pieces of meat in our food, with the taste of the food overpowered by the vegetables.

Given the experience of friends and other reviews on this website, this restaurant needs to shake up or they won't last too long!
Review By: Anonymous from Hertfordshire
Ratings: Food: 1 | Service: 0 | Atmosphere: 0 | Value: 0 | Overall: 5%
Review: Last night I went for a meal at the Kitchen with 11 of my friends and after the experience we had with the owner none of us will ever be going back. He was rude unhelpful and had the worst attitude of anyone I have ever seen when dealing with customers. We had a complaint about the food and asked to speak to him. When he patronisingly called me "darling" and I asked him not to he walked off mid conversation and when I told him none of us would be coming to his restaurant again he said "good". I have never been treated like that in a restaurant before and was genuinely upset by the experience.
Review By: Anonymous from Radlett
Review: I have just returned from an evening out with friends at the Kitchen and feel so strongly that others shouldnt waste their money and time on visiting this restaurant. The Manager was completely inflexible when it came to changing the menu slightly and in his eyes the customer was certainly not right. I have never before eaten in a restaurant where the manager was downright rude to his customers and had the approach of he couldnt care less whether we were happy customers or not. Myself and the entire party of people who I was with will certainly spread the word to stay away from this place in the future. The food was less than average and together with the attitude of the manager, i doubt this restaurant will be there for very long.
Review By: Anonymous from London
Ratings: Food: 5 | Service: 4 | Atmosphere: 5 | Value: 5 | Overall: 95%
Review: We had a lovely lunch at the Kitchen. The meals came quickly and the portions were huge! I think they probably have some service issues as they are just starting out but it was nothing that caused us any concern and honestly I would just give them a break seeing as they are a brand new place finding their footing. The menu is unbeleivable - there is so much on offer, and I loved the fact that they had recognisable meals and it wasn't all gourmet designer dishes that you have to ask what they are! Will definitely be going again and have recommended it to my friends.
Review By: Anonymous from Edgware
Ratings: Food: 2 | Service: 0 | Atmosphere: 1 | Value: 0 | Overall: 15%
Review: They ruined our evening. I have just returned from a disastrous partial meal at The Kitchen. The exceptionally expensive chicken salad had three very small pieces of chicken balancing on top. The waitress said it was a light meal, but the price certainly did not reflect that. The food was tasty but if I eat out at a restaurant I expect it be. I requested some more chicken. In front of all the other diners, my plate was removed to be shown to the chef (why??) and when the waitress returned it was with the message "I could have more when I had finished what I had". I am an adult, not a child! I am certain my complaint is the reason why, out of all the tables for four occupied by 2 people, we were the only ones to be asked to move while we were still eating 'because there was a reservation for 4 at 8pm' As it was only 7.30, we politely refused, only for the manageress to insist we had to move then.

Our evening was already spoiled and we had lost our appetites, so we asked for the remainder of our meals to be boxed up. The manageress couldn't get us out fast enough and brought the bill immediately saying she hadn't charged us service. We hadn't received any, so does that count as a plus point? By the way the manageress was not telling the truth. I was so irritated by what had happened that I deliberately went past the place at 8.15 only to see that our table had been separated into 2 with a couple at one table and a single person at the other, so there was no group of 4 and absolutely no need to have asked us to move at all - they could just have split the tables.

Just to round off the unpleasurable experience, when I got home they had given me my friend's food. I vote with my feet and I give my opinions and as not a single thing was done to try to retrieve the situation, I am ensuring that other people know what they could be letting themselves in for. Be warned.
Review By: Anonymous from London
Ratings: Food: 5 | Service: 5 | Atmosphere: 5 | Value: 3 | Overall: 90%
Review: I had a takeaway from the Kitchen Last night and i thought that the Facon Burger was the best Burger i ever tasted in my life, But at a price :)