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Review By: Ren from crickelwood
Ratings: Food: 1 | Service: 1 | Atmosphere: 3 | Value: 1 | Overall: 30%
Review: I got a take away salad. In the menu it looked amazing! lettuce pomegranate artichoke beetroot mmm
I took it to work, opened and inside there was just one big mess of tired old ICEBERG LETTUCE (the cheapest lettuce in a 8 salad? that's a joke!). it was all badly mixed and it was a mess; and all was pink from the beet, also ... the best part. there was not one bit of pomegranate . service was terrible. What a disappointment
Review By: Anonymous from Hendon
Ratings: Food: 3 | Service: 0 | Atmosphere: 3 | Value: 3 | Overall: 45%
Review: Average food/ drinks, reasonable prices and great dcor - all completely ruined by appalling, miserable and unbelievably slow service.
Review By: PAULA from Manchester
Review: After an awful night in an equally awful Golders Green Hotel with "rubbish" breakfast facilities we took a walk and found SOYO....all I can say is WOW !!!! amazing !! Fantastic food, good prices, excellent service....May this establishment grow from strength to strength !! A BIG THANK YOU !!
Review By: Anonymous from London
Ratings: Food: 5 | Service: 5 | Atmosphere: 4 | Value: 4 | Overall: 90%
Review: I am in love with this place...

Amazing food, service was fantastic and the ambiance is great!

Going back next weekend for brunch.
Review By: Anonymous from Hendon
Review: Thank you Soyo! This is by miles the best cafe/restaurant in the area!
All the food is amazing especially the breakfast and very reasonably priced. And the frozen yoghurt all I can say is wow!
The slow service which we experienced in the beginning when they first opened no longer exists! They are now quick and also very friendly.
Review By: anon from Golders Green
Ratings: Food: 5 | Service: 1 | Atmosphere: 3 | Value: 5 | Overall: 70%
Review: Really excellent food - have loved it every time. Service is abysmal; waited twenty minutes for waitress to come after repeatedly gesturing. As such, the service charge added to the bill is very irritating, but the food makes up for it
Review By: Anonymous from hendon
Ratings: Food: 5 | Service: 3 | Atmosphere: 5 | Value: 5 | Overall: 90%
Review: Soyo is a nice place to eat....although the sevice it a bit low i love the quino salad and that they have the option to make it as nice or plain as you want!!! my son loves the crepes and my husband loves all of their food!!! it is cheap and cheerful....def recommend this place if you are not in a hurry and just want to enjoy the company of the poeople you are with!
Review By: Anonymous from Golders Green
Ratings: Food: 4 | Service: 1 | Atmosphere: 4 | Value: 3 | Overall: 60%
Review: Soyo is a nice place to eat. It looks nice and has a wide menu which offers good food at prices which are just the wrong side of reasonable.

The main reason to not eat here is the dreadfully slow service. I have eaten there 3 times, and each time I have waited so long for the waiter to come over that I resorted to getting up to give my order at the counter.

For somewhere so busy, I have no idea whether they have too few staff, or are incapable of running a restaurant efficiently, but either way they need to improve this aspect of their service to make Soyo truly excellent.

Oh, they also add a service charge, which is irritating considering how poor the service is - not in terms of friendliness (all the staff are quite friendly) but in terms of long waits.

Review By: Anonymous from gg
Ratings: Food: 5 | Service: 3 | Atmosphere: 4 | Value: 5 | Overall: 85%
Review: amazing food!
Review By: Anonymous from Hendon
Ratings: Food: 5 | Service: 3 | Atmosphere: 5 | Value: 5 | Overall: 90%
Review: Excellent food. Relaxed surroundings. Yum
Review By: Anonymous from St Johns Wood
Review: The best breakfast we ever had! Frozen Yogurt was a big hit for dessert and a nice refreshing way to start the day.