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  • 28/05/09Coming Soon: 5th Avenue, Pizza restaurant in Golders Green!
    5th Avenue is a new pizza restaurant that will be opening soon!
    Located in Golders Green where Armando's used to be.
    More details to follow shortly.
  • 26/05/09Updated Listing: Let's Meat has opened in Borehamwood.
    A new meaty restaurant by the name of Let's Meat has opened its doors to the shawarma-seekers of Borehamwood, selling various Israeli foods such as Shawarma, Shishlick, and more.
  • 14/05/09Just Added: Bakery Express
    We have just added Bakery Express in Mill Hill to the Keep It Kosher directory. Be sure to check it out!
  • 05/05/09Renewed offers: Orli, Kyoto, Eighty-Six
    The following offers have been renewed and are available to print:

    ORLI - Buy one pizza to takeaway, get one free!
    Kyoto - 10% off anything!
    Eighty-Six - Takeaway burger, fries and drink for 7.95

    Check these and other offers out now with Keep It Kosher.
  • 05/05/09New offer: Ralphy's 10% Off
    Ralphy's has added an offer of 10% off your evening meal. Check it out now only on Keep It Kosher.
  • 05/05/09Vouchers are back up! (Was not working on Monday)
    Most vouchers were not showing up on Monday (4th May 09).
    These are all backup now. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
  • 01/05/09New Offers: 3 New from Beit HaMadras
    Three new offers from Beit HaMadras:

    - 12.95 Buffet Lunch - Buy one get one free!
    - Spend over 25 on a takeaway, get 20% off!
    - A free coke or diet coke with our 6.95 take away buffet box
  • 01/05/09New Offer: 15% off Bloom's
    Another voucher from Blooms. Get 15% off your meal!
  • 01/05/09Entrecote Bar closed for refurbishments
    Entrecote Bar is closed for refurbishments and will have a grand reopening on the 17th May 2009.
  • 30/04/09The Kanteen in Brent Cross is now open. More details to follow shortly.
    The Kanteen in Brent Cross Shopping Centre is now open.

    More details to follow shortly.
  • 07/04/09New Listing: Infinity - Your Simcha Shop
    A new shop has opened up on Brent Street called 'INFINITY'!
  • 07/04/09Renewed Offer: Orli Cafe
    All branches of Orli Cafe have renewed their offer "BUY ONE PIZZA TO TAKEAWAY, GET ONE FREE!"
  • 03/04/09Updated Menu: Fernandez
    Fernandez changed their menu, and here is the new one.
  • 02/04/09New Offers: Francesca (renewed) & Kosherland
    Francesca's offers have been renewed. (15% off lunch, 10% off dinner).

    Kosherland is offering 5% off when spending over 50 and 10% off when spending over 100.
  • 28/03/09Restaurants open for Pesach: Dizengoff and La Fiesta, and a take-away: Moses Tandor.
    This year for Pesach there are two restaurants open, Dizengoff and La Fiesta, and one take-away Moses Tandoor.
  • 26/03/09New Listing and Menu: K Grill
    K Grill is Edgware's newest kosher restaurant and we have just added it, along with its menu, to Keep It Kosher. Check it out!
  • 25/03/09Updated Menu for Hendon Bagel Bakery Catering
    We have updated our menu for Hendon Bagel Bakery Catering. We now have the latest prices on all items. Don't forget we also have a special offer for this listing - Buy 10 platters, get 1 free!

    Check out all their information right here on Keep It Kosher!
  • 23/03/09Pesach Menu: Moses Tandoor
    Moses Tandoor now has a Pesach menu. Under the London Beth Din.
  • 18/03/09New Offer: Steimatzky Hasifria
    We now have our first offer from a bookseller - Steimatzky Hasifria have placed a discount to the tune of 10% off all purchases of 20 or more on the Keep It Kosher website. We hope you enjoy this and all the other offers.
  • 03/03/09New Offer: Sami's Restaurant 10% Off
    Sami's Restaurant has placed an offer of 10% off all eat-in meals for up to 6 people on Keep It Kosher. Check it out straight away!
  • 03/03/09New Offer: Hendon Bagel Bakery Catering
    A new offer has been added to Keep It Kosher by Hendon Bagel Bakery Catering. Buy any 10 platters, receive a free platter worth up to 30.
  • 02/03/09Updated Listing: Mattancherry now open!
    Mattancherry has now reopened.
  • 26/02/09New Offer: Kaifeng 20% off
    Kaifeng has added a new offer to Keep It Kosher. It's a whopping 20% off your evening meal. Check it out straight away and start enjoying your discount.
  • 25/02/09New Offer: Coby's Breakfast and Coffee 5.95
    Coby's Cafe have placed an offer on the site. Check it out now and start enjoying your discounts exclusively with Keep It Kosher.
  • 24/02/09New Offer: Adam's 10% off
    Adam's (Adam from lemonade) now has an offer on Keep It Kosher.
    It's 10% Off - available on eat-in and take away orders from 2pm until 6pm with a minimum spend of 5.50.

    Be sure to check out this offer and others like it and start using your discounts straight away!